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Can you miniaturize a constant?

In an episode of Doctor Who (“Let’s Kill Hitler”), there was this robo-person run by tiny people inside it. Two of the main characters were miniaturized and put inside. This led to an interesting discussion, which I approximately reproduce below. Ravi mama: … Continue reading

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Sherlock 007 Clue

Lots of reviews are comparing the latest episode of Sherlock to James Bond films. Was this premeditated? There is a clue in the episode that suggests so. No one else seems to have found it yet. Here it is. Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Date of the Epilogue (using only the text of the books).

Spoiler briefing:  There are spoilers from Books 1, 2, and 7.  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is mentioned briefly at the end, but there aren’t really any spoilers.  If you really want to avoid seeing anything whatsoever about Cursed … Continue reading

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A fraction PROOF:

The PTBP(Point To Be Proved):  of  =  of 1. A WTPI(Way To Prove It): Do it by canceling out: Turn ‘of’ into ‘×'(times symbol) :   ×  =  × 1.   Ignore the right side of the equation for now,  then do whatever … Continue reading

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