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Double ballots at Homestead-Wakefield! No!

Two voting irregularities occurred in the time just one voter was at her polling place: a half-pre-filled ballot and a double ballot. Continue reading

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Does it involve getting up?

“Does it involve getting up?” This is one of our many Family Jokes. “I guess I should do X….” “Then do it.” “But it involves getting up!” But it’s not just a joke.  A lot of times, X gets delayed … Continue reading

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Constitutional Law Youth Camp!

Do you understand the Bill of Rights? Would you like to see how Supreme Court judges decide cases and decide some yourself? Get set for a deep dive in to the United States Constitution! via Constitutional Law Youth Camp — Idlewild … Continue reading

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Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?

Look at an American coin.  What does it say? Monticello. Huh?  What coin are you looking at?  What’s Monticello? The coin is a nickel.  Monticello is where Thomas Jefferson and his family lived. The Jefferson Memorial? No.  That’s different. What … Continue reading

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