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Nannamma has ESP – Proof number three!!!

See Ice Golas and ESP and Birthdays and ESP!  Or, Nannamma has ESP- Again! as well, if you want.  And no, this italic message wasn’t written automatically by WordPress.  This is Khiyali writing.   Today was Republic Day, and before we left … Continue reading

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Birthdays and ESP! Or, Nannamma has ESP- Again!

Today Nannamma made prasadam.  Very yummy, too.  Then, Amma realized that… TODAY IS MY 10 1/2th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Prasadam cake!  And I don’t think anyone planned it…  Plus Nannamma-charu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to spoil the mood, but afterwards I got some sort of … Continue reading

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Ice Golas and ESP

Before we went to the Farmer’s Market yesterday, Nannamma asked me what I did there, eat dosa?    I jokingly answered that I ate ice gola.  (I do eat ice gola, but I do other stuff too.)  Nannamma said to … Continue reading

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