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Sherlock 007 Clue

Lots of reviews are comparing the latest episode of Sherlock to James Bond films. Was this premeditated? There is a clue in the episode that suggests so. No one else seems to have found it yet. Here it is. Continue reading

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English Vinglish

Hi there! K again.  Looks like another movie review, so we better get started. [for those of you who may be thinking, “Another movie review? Was there one before this?” you obviously haven’t read Kahaani. So what are you waiting for? … Continue reading

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Khiyali here.  Well, it looks like this is a movie review, so let’s get on with it.  Kahaani is a hindi movie, but I think you can get subtitles.  It’s got some violence, but not too much.  It’s a mystery, so … Continue reading

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