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Why We Must Check Our Sources: A Cautionary Tale

Ever since the fourth season of the television show Sherlock concluded, with no cliffhanger traditional of the program, but instead a far more chilling one: a heartwarming closing sequence which engendered the prospect of no further seasons — this author has waited … Continue reading

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Can you miniaturize a constant?

In an episode of Doctor Who (“Let’s Kill Hitler”), there was this robo-person run by tiny people inside it. Two of the main characters were miniaturized and put inside. This led to an interesting discussion, which I approximately reproduce below. Ravi mama: … Continue reading

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Sherlock 007 Clue

Lots of reviews are comparing the latest episode of Sherlock to James Bond films. Was this premeditated? There is a clue in the episode that suggests so. No one else seems to have found it yet. Here it is. Continue reading

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Haiku on the President-elect

President-elect Never even dogcatcher Kakistocracy. Misogynistic President-elect! ‘Twill be Kakistocracy!

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Double ballots at Homestead-Wakefield! No!

Two voting irregularities occurred in the time just one voter was at her polling place: a half-pre-filled ballot and a double ballot. Continue reading

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Does it involve getting up?

“Does it involve getting up?” This is one of our many Family Jokes. “I guess I should do X….” “Then do it.” “But it involves getting up!” But it’s not just a joke.  A lot of times, X gets delayed … Continue reading

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Blood of Olympus quote

I made yet another picture-quote!  This is fun!  Maybe I’ll make some more!  

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