Why We Must Check Our Sources: A Cautionary Tale

Ever since the fourth season of the television show Sherlock concluded, with no cliffhanger traditional of the program, but instead a far more chilling one: a heartwarming closing sequence which engendered the prospect of no further seasons — this author has waited for the announcement of a fifth season. When a trailer finally arrived, she watched it with great excitement.

She noticed, as you may have if you watched it, that the trailer contained scenes she had seen before. She did not realize, however, what this meant until later.

Later, she sought out the wonderful video again, with the intent of watching it for clues about the fifth season, and of racking her brains to find her mental file on Sebastian Moran, for the name sounded definitely familiar.

However, this time she realized that the video had been posted by a “Beautifullytragic6” — not the YouTube account of Sherlock itself or one of the BBC.

She looked further, into the description, and found the fatal word:


This is why we must check our sources.

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