Sherlock 007 Clue

Lots of reviews are comparing the latest episode of Sherlock (The Six Thatchers) to James Bond films. Was this premeditated? There is a clue in the episode that suggests so. No one else seems to have found it yet. Here it is.




Right before the swimming pool fight scene, when Sherlock appears behind the glass door, four numbers (and a colon) appear on screen.

19:00. This is a time — 7 PM.

Now, the digits appeared on the screen from right to left. What is 7:00 from right to left?

Or look at it another way. The digits appeared in the order “00”  and the time came next: 7 P.M.

Either way: 007!

James Bond!

Now there are two possibilities here. Either a) the makers of Sherlock slipped this in as a reference to the James Bond-iness of The Six Thatchers, or b) this is a coincidence.

But, according to Sherlock Holmes, there is no such thing as coincidence.

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