Double ballots at Homestead-Wakefield! No!


Author with pantsuit.

Today on the corner outside the polling place we held a rally for Hillary Clinton.  Sera Matteo-Boring came to the rally and told us the following:

She’d gone to cast her vote around 7:20 AM at Homestead-Wakefield Elementary School.  She filled out the front side of her ballot and flipped it over.

The back side was already filled.

She went to ask for a new ballot.  While she was getting her new ballot, she heard someone else saying that they had been given two ballots, and that they were being honest and giving back the second one.

That’s two voting irregularities at one polling place, in just the small amount of time during which one voter was there.

Election officials — please make sure to give the voters ONE BALLOT ONLY!  And let them fill it out THEMSELVES!  What is the point of tampering with the ballots?

Voters — Make sure you fill out your ballot, not someone else!  And if the election officials give you more than one ballot, loudly give it back like the person in Homestead-Wakefield did, and report the problem.  The Maryland Democratic Party has a Voter Empowerment Hotline for reporting voting issues at 1-888-678-VOTE (8683).

Disability Rights Maryland has its own hotlines for disability-related voting issues at:
800-233-7201 ext: 2492
TTY: 410-235-5387

The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland also has a voting issues hotline at 410-889-8555.

Remember, if you are a Maryland voter, you have the right:

  • to vote by provisional ballot if for any reason you are not able to vote on the regular voting machines.
  • to vote without showing identification unless you are a first-time voter who did not show ID when you registered.
  • to assistance at the polls if you have a physical disability or an inability to read the English language.
  • to Vote-By-Mail for any reason.
  • to take time off from work to vote.
  • to vote on the regular voting machines if you are in line at your polling place by 8:00 p.m.
  • to have your polling place open promptly at 7:00 a.m.
  • to vote without being approached or solicited within 100 feet of your polling place.

(Source for voters’ Bill of Rights:

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