And the Greek god of LGBTQ+ people is….

People make up stories about God/gods, right?  Maybe frogs or basil or rocks also make up stories about God/Gods/god/gods, but for this post I’m mainly going to stick with people.

So anyway, whether God(s) exist(s) or not, I think people made up God(s), or at least helped shape the stories about and personalities of God(s).  (Possibly frogs/basil/rocks did this too.)

So what does this mean?  This means that I (and frogs/basil/rocks) can change stories about God(s), and even make up new ones, and then that’s what the new version of the story is.  That’s how the stories develop, after all.*  In other words: my word is law.

All right.  Now, who’s the Greek god of LGBTQ+ people**?  Dionysus.  Yep.  Dionysus.

I’ll explain.

According to Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Dionysus’s foster parents disguised him as a girl to conceal his identity.  They called him “she” in front of other people and “he” in private.  Later, Dionysus “became the god of anybody who felt confused about his or her own gender, because [he] could relate.”

I’m going to twist that a bit and make Dionysus the god of transgender people.

Then I’m going to extend that and make Dionysus the god of all LGBTQ+ people.

There we go!  Dionysus is now the Greek god of LGBTQ+ people.  Why?  Because I said so!  Really, it’s because I said so!  That’s how the myths are made!

But if you have a better idea… you can say so too.  Your word is law, too.

*Languages develop this way as well; for further reading, see Frindle by Andrew Clements.
**I don’t know if there are LGBTQ+ frogs, basil, or rocks.

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