2016 – The Musical

Happy New Year!  Should have posted this way back in January but it took a while for Khiyali to edit the video.  Or rather, it took a while for her to get around to editing it and then a while longer to get around to uploading it.  (When it comes to actual editing she works more efficiently than I do.)

So here she is with her friends taking a musical tour of the festivals throughout the year, starting of course with New Year’s Day, Sankranti & Republic Day in January, followed by Holi, Eid, Independence Day, Ganesh Chaturdhi, Dasara, Dipavali and Christmas.

It was a long program … but the audience enthusiastically appreciated it.  Well, that’s annual day for you!  Several people commented that neighborhood annual days were much more fun than school annual days.  We’ll take their word for it.  Enjoy the show!

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