Gravity waves!

Years from now, I’ll be able to tell everyone that when the first detection of a gravity wave was announced, I… was eating an aloo paratha with perugu, and a piece of bobbattu.  And reading a book — Harriet Spies Again, I believe.

We had gone out to dinner in honor of Nannamma’s birthday, which is also Kiran mama’s birthday.  We came back by 9, because of the impending announcement.  Nanna and Amma watched the announcement on the computer, but I was still hungry (both for food and for a book), so….  Yeah.

Well, the announcement video will be on the Internet, so I can watch it later.  And like Nanna said, these black holes collided 1 point something billion years ago, so what’s a few days here or there?

NOTE: You might have seen the headline “DEAR GRAVITY, WE HEAR YOU NOW” in The Times of India.  You may also have heard that we can now “hear a gravity wave.”  But though a gravity wave was observed, a gravity wave is not a sound wave.  Just like a sound wave is not a light wave, nor is it an ocean wave.  Hence you can’t hear a gravity wave.  Actually, you can’t hear anything in space.

So why is everyone saying “you can hear gravity waves!”?  Well, I guess they took the gravity wave, and just somehow interpreted it as a sound wave, and the sound wave was within the range the humans can hear.  (Is that right, Nanna?)

Another quick thing: Einstein predicted gravitational waves in 1916.  100 years afterwards, this wave’s discovery was announced in 2016.  But it was detected in 2015!  They waited for a while to announce it because they had to make absolutely sure it was a gravity wave.  Plus maybe they wanted to announce their discovery 100 years later.

Now I will have to make a Banganga Kids’ News Critic in honor of this.  There’s a whole page of articles about gravity wave in The Times of India, plus a front page article.  My BKNCs are usually 1 page long, but once I had a 3-page bumper issue.  This BKNC might even be 4 pages long!


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