Atli Fatli Futli!

Also known as Atli Batli Futli!  Check it out in the video below.

Have you ever read about “playbourhoods?”  It is a term that has come about to describe neighborhoods where kids play outside, not in designated playgrounds but in the neighborhood as a whole.   You can still find such neighborhoods and there is a growing movement to reclaim the post-modern spaces of sterile suburbia and convert them into living, breathing, playing landscapes.

Kids who turn their neighbourhood into a playbourhood can have a free range and plenty of space to run, hide and invent games that make use of the local landscape. Watch these kids in our ‘hood explain how to play “Atli Batli Futli!” also known as “Atli Fatli Futli!”
Any resemblance to childhood games from your own neighbourhood?

More about Playborhoods

Playborhood Your Neighborhood – The Best Gift You Will Ever Give Your Child

Playborhood: Turn Your Neighborhood Into A Place For Play


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