A Farmers Difficult Life

Does farming give you anything?
Of course! You get food!
Um…. Sometimes you do. After a lot of hard work. And then the plants get half destroyed on the way to the market.

Here’s what Surina Ediga had to say about it.


A farmers difficult life – By Surina Ediga, 8 years old.

Where do we get food from? A Farmer.

A farmer doesn’t have enough of water, sunlight, big farming land, money, seeds, fertilizer and things. Sometimes a draught hits. Not enough water, but too much sunlight.

Sometimes a farme didn’t have enough money to buy seeds to grow crops. How will they grow th crops? When the crops do grow the farme will take the to the market but half way through the plants are half destroyed. They walk for nothing, something or they might succeed. We have to help farmers in India.

I grew 1 bean and it took work and patience. Farmers do so much work. We should put our heads together and do our part. We all need food so help the farmers.

Message: Help is on the way.

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