Top 8 Reasons to have a doctor for a SIL

So my SIL sent me a list of reasons to marry a female physician.   Such as, she will be of high intelligence, low-maintenance, and know the wisdom of the Middle Path, having Seen It All from birth to death and beyond. I have no idea whether the above applies to male physicians, but I can report on the top reasons to have a physician for a sister-in-law.

1.  She will answer a Skype at 10 pm and look at the weird rash popping up all over your shoulder.

2.  She will look at all the scanned copies of reports that you email her for second opinions.

3.  You can send her the names of all the medicines you (or your husband, mother-in-law, etc) were prescribed so that she can answer detailed questions that you could not ask the doctor.

4.  She will sympathize when you complain to her about the doctor you just saw, who, totally unlike your SIL,  lacks all of the positive qualities reported in “top 8 reasons you should marry a female physician.”

5.  You can meet her friends who are nicely distributed into various specialties (and have all the positive qualities, of course!).

6.  You can hear warm fuzzy stories about patients in need whom she has helped not only with medical care, but by lending an ear and even just by being there.

7.  She can supply interesting diseases when your daughter wants to play doctor.

Life is great when you've got a doctor for a Sister-in-Law.

Life is great when you’ve got a doctor for a Sister-in-Law.

8.  She will laugh at your jokes.  After all, she’s got a warm and wonderful personality.  And because she can always use a laugh.  After all, it is the best medicine!

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One Response to Top 8 Reasons to have a doctor for a SIL

  1. ushakka says:

    One reason to have a blogger as a SIL 🙂

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