Himalayan Wolf

Khiyali and Miss Nicki

Me and the art teacher, Miss Nicki.

Okay, this post is very very very late, but anyway, in October I posted my painting of spotted owlets, which I copied from a photo at Exploration Art school.  I also wrote the way I made them.  Anyway, I said I would do a post on the other painting I made, a wolf.  So now I am doing the said post.


  1. I put the picture upside down next to the canvas…
  2. Then used a pencil to draw the outline of the wolf, and also outline any dark parts like ears, nose, etc.  I used the pencil to sort of measure the lines and angles.
    Also, I didn’t copy the background, though I did mark which were the darker parts.
  3. Used oil pastels to color in the wolf, and an eraser to blend the colors into each other, and into the canvas.
  4. Did the same for the background.  I put a darker color in the parts that were darker in the picture.

One funny thing is, in the photo the wolf is looking forward.  In my drawing the wolf is looking down a bit.

It looks good both ways though.  🙂


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