Spotted Owlets…

Spotted Owlets painted by Khiyali from a photograph by Lalit Deshmukh.

Spotted Owlets painted by Khiyali from a photograph by Lalit Deshmukh.

Hello!  This is Khiyali speaking typing.

So, on India Homeschoolers, we are supposed to post something every Monday.  So, since today is Monday, I am going to write about the painting I did in art class, and post the link on India Homeschoolers.

On to the post.

The painting I made was of 4 Spotted Owlets.  There is a photo of it above.

The way I made it: I copied it from a photo.  The way I did that:

  1. Took a sheet of stiff plastic, put it on top of the photo, and traced the outlines of the owls, the eyes, etc. with a Sharpie marker.
  2. Went over the lines with black bubble paint.  Bubble paint is paint that comes out of this little bottle, so you can draw raised lines with it.
  3. Painted it.  We weren’t supposed to use strokes, because they would show up.  Instead we ‘pounced’ with the brush, meaning we made dots.
  4. Then the art teacher, Miss Nicki, trimmed the edges a bit, flipped it over, and put a matte on it, which is that black frame-like thing in the picture.

Here is a picture of Miss Nicki and me, holding my 2 artworks from the classes.  Thank you Miss Nicki!

Khiyali and Miss Nicki

The painting on the right is the owls.  The one on the left, which was also copied from a photo, though in a different way, is a wolf.  That I will write about next week.



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