Unknown music DANCE!

I haven’t posted anything for a long time!

So this post is about a game I thought of.  The way I thought of it was something like this:  I felt like dancing.  Amma sang something.  But it was a rhythm, not a song.  She changed it a bit once and so I had to change the dance.  She kept on making little changes, like speeding up and slowing down.  I changed the dance a bit when that happened.  Then I thought of the game.
Several versions are given below.

  1. Someone plays or sings a song.  You have to dance to it.  You do not know what the song is beforehand.  They can make it up as they sing if they want.  If you don’t know the song, so much the harder to dance to it!
  2. Same, but with a costume that you also don’t know what it is beforehand.  The costume could go with the song, like a ballet dress with a ballet song, or it could clash with the song, like a ball gown with a rap song.
  3. Same as 1. or 2., but you have to do it on stage.  For more pressure, make sure to invite relatives/parents/people whom you admire/people whom you’re afraid of/president/king/queen.

Happy dancing!  I think I would like to do version 2 best.  How about you?

– Khiyali

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