Why did the woman crash a baby’s stroller into the tree?

The woman crashed the stroller with the baby into a tree because it was a holiday.

Weird?  Not with an explanation….  Here we go…!

  • The woman crashed the baby in the stroller because —
  • She wasn’t paying attention because —
  • She was on the phone with her friend because —
  • Her friend was stuck in traffic and wanted her to pick him up.  There was a lot of traffic because —
  • There was a circus in town because —

You see?  Moral of the story — No holidays.  But that won’t be very nice….  Wait!  We can break any of the links in the chain… how about No circuses?  Nope, that won’t be any good either… no getting stuck in traffic?  That won’t work… Don’t not pay attention?  That works.  Whew!

This amazing story was created using Chain.  That’s a game where you start with a problem.  The next person says why it happened.  The next person says why that happened.  Only one thing to look out for — some things can’t really be explained very well.  Like, ‘because she wanted to’ won’t work, because why did she want to?  I suppose it can sort of be explained, but not so easily.



Thank you, Satya and Shreeya, for teaching me this game.  It’s awesome.

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