Dhappa Hide-and-Seek

So, here we are making another game post.  Well, this one is about hide-and-seek — Dhappa version.

Version for people who don’t like to be the denner:

One person is the denner (It).  At the count of 10 (backwards), the denner will close their eyes and count to 30, just like normal hide-and-seek.  Everyone will hide, and the denner has to look for them.  Just like normal hide-and-seek.  If the denner sees someone hiding,  they will point to that person and say “Stop, [name]”. You can switch hiding places if you like, just be careful or the denner will notice!  They don’t have to chase or touch the person to Stop them.  BUT — If the denner says “Out, [name]”, or “I found you” or something, or if they say the wrong name, anyone can say “Atli Fatli Futli” and the same person has to be the denner again.  Also, there is Dhappa.  You can sneak up behind the denner and do Dhappa on their back.  That means you tap (don’t hit or they might get mad) them on their back* and say “Dhappa!” Then they have to be the denner again.  If no-one does Dhappa, the first person to be Stopped is the denner for the next round.

*If your friend has a bee sting on their back from one of the giant bees that recently stung two girls’ backs, you might want to make a special rule for them like Do Dhappa On Their Shoulder Instead Of Their Back or something.

NEW!  Version for people who like being the denner:

The same thing as before, but the last person to be Stopped is the denner for the next round.

And the person who does Dhappa is the next denner.

And as for Atli Fatli Futli… no other rules for that that I know of.  If any of the Banganga Kids know please tell me.

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