Sackly — The Chain Game

Warning!  Be careful while playing!  Don’t go TOO fast.  And play on the grass, you could fall down.

Sakli, Sackly, Sakly.  How do you spell it?

Well, anyway, here’s how you play Sackly:

One person is the denner (same thing as ‘It’).  The denner counts to ten and then starts running, trying to catch people.  BUT — when the denner catches someone, he or she and the caught person have to hold hands and run together!  When they catch another person, that person also has to join the Sackly!  Sackly (at least in the game) means chain!  And eventually the chain will grow to be quite a huge one!

If the Sackly breaks, no one can be caught until the Sackly rejoins itself.  So the uncaught people are advised to run in different directions, to try and break the Sackly.

Tips for the Sackly:

  • Keep your focus on one person at a time.  That way, you are less likely to run in opposite directions and break the chain.
  • Arrange yourselves wisely!  e.g. fastest on one side and slowest on the other, fastest on the ends and slowest in the middle, etc.
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