Nannamma has ESP – Proof number three!!!

See Ice Golas and ESP and Birthdays and ESP!  Or, Nannamma has ESP- Again! as well, if you want.  And no, this italic message wasn’t written automatically by WordPress.  This is Khiyali writing.

Today was Republic Day, and before we left for the flag hoisting, Nannamma said that it would be nice if it rained heavily, after the flag hoisting, so that we could check if all the leaks in the walls were filled up properly.  Well, no, it didn’t rain heavily, at least not so far, but when the other kids and I were playing outside…


Just a very tiny bit though, but still…


Ha!  If I find any more proofs I’ll have to make a separate category for them.  Right now they are just tagged – ESP.  Look out for the category!  Arrrgggggg!!!!! CATEGORY RAMPAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Help I’ve gone crazy… urrgggg… X-(

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2 Responses to Nannamma has ESP – Proof number three!!!

  1. parinita says:

    Very nice Khiyali i love the way u write. And ha! You got a surprise! It drizzled! When you were playing. I don’t like if i was enjoying playing and it rained and i have to hide under a building for shade:-( I don’t enjoy playing then.

    Keep writing i love your blog:-)

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