How does God make muggulu (rangolis)?


Ta-da! Like my Stellar Artwork?

Well, today I was playing with this: it out!  It’s awesome.  Try the other games and simulations on the site too.)
Anyway, I thought of something while I was making stellar artwork.  Amma thought it was interesting and maybe I should post it here.

Is this how God makes muggulu?  By putting stars for the dots and flying some asteroids and planets around them?  Maybe.  I don’t entirely believe in God, just a bit, but it’s fun to imagine and think about…  How does God make muggulu?  Or do gods just not make muggulu?

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4 Responses to How does God make muggulu (rangolis)?

  1. Chetana K says:

    Maybe gods make muggulu in their heads like we all do

  2. parinita says:

    Well i played this game when you shared it on your blog and it was- AWESOME! Umm… I’m not sure but i think god does make muggulu in his head?

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