Ice Golas and ESP

Before we went to the Farmer’s Market yesterday, Nannamma asked me what I did there, eat dosa?    I jokingly answered that I ate ice gola.  (I do eat ice gola, but I do other stuff too.)  Nannamma said to eat one for her, too.  I told her the flavors that they usually had, and she picked grape.  I generally have citrus or hibiscus, so I wasn’t too happy about this.  But when we went there, they only had grape!  Strange…  My first hint!  But I had one anyway.
THEN, I had another ice gola.  I had forgotten about my promise to Nannamma, and yet I had another.  And it was grape.  My second hint!
I had had 2 grape ice golas, and you could say the second one was for Nannamma!  WOW.
Looks like Nannamma has ESP!

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