Natya 2014 Calendars are out!

Do you like the performing arts?
Don’t we all?
I guess so.  Do you like AID?
What’s AID?
If you don’t know what AID is, go here to find out.  We’ll wait for you.
Okay, I’m back.  AID looks like a good organization.  Something I’d like to remember.
Do you want to remember it all year?
Yeah… Hey, wait a second!  Are you trying to…
Sell you a calendar?  Yes, actually.
Ha!  Well, actually I have been looking for a 2014 calendar.  Does AID make calendars every year?
Indeed it does.  2014’s calendar has performing arts pictures.  It’s called Natya.
Cool!  How do I get one? 
Go visit your nearest AID chapter!  Or go to
Can I see some pictures of the calendar first?
Sure!  Here you go:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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