Links… To my favorite famous people!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, now I can type OK.

I’ve always liked Kalpana Chawla, and some time ago, I found out that ‘Kalpana’ meant imagination.  And ‘Khiyali’ means… Imaginative!!!!  Almost the same thing!!!!!!!!

But that was weeks, maybe months, ago.  Just a little while ago, I was searching for people whose birthday was on Jun 11 (like me), and I found this site:

Look at the 4th person (she might be at a different number by the time you read this) on the list.  Claire Holt!  She plays Emma Gilbert on H2O: Just Add Water, which I watch!!!

Thank you, Anu, for showing me H2O!!!!!!

I also found out that she (Claire) is best friends with Phoebe Tonkin, who plays Cleo Sertori on H2O.

The characters Cleo & Emma are best friends, but I didn’t know the actors were!

All I need now is to find out that Phoebe has a crush on the person who plays Lewis. 😉 (If you don’t watch H2O, you probably don’t understand that.)

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