A post on… Religion???

When we were on the Light Rail yesterday, I overheard some people having a discussion about God.   Christianity and Jesus, in particular.

One person said that Jesus was god on earth.
That reminds me…

apne tanaka, manaka, dhanaka,
Dujon ko de vo daan hai
Vo sacha insaan arre,
is dharti ka bhagawaan hai.

Which basically means that those who use their body, mind, and wealth for others, are god on earth.

Hmm…  So Jesus uses his body, mind, and wealth for others?

I am not Christian, so I’m not sure.

I am a mixture of 2 – 3 religions:
Hindu (20%)
Atheist-Natureist* (80%)

* Someone who believes nature does all of the stuff ‘God’ does, and that there is no ‘God’. Which means that humans, other animals, plants, weather, geological features, etc. control everything.
Kind of like a food co-op?

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