A fraction PROOF:

The PTBP(Point To Be Proved):

\tfrac{2}{3} of \tfrac{3}{4}\tfrac{1}{2} of 1.

A WTPI(Way To Prove It):

Do it by canceling out: Turn ‘of’ into ‘×'(times symbol) :  \tfrac{2}{3} × \tfrac{3}{4}\tfrac{1}{2} × 1.   Ignore the right side of the equation for now,  then do whatever canceling out you can, on the rest.  So what can you cancel out?  Well, how about the 3s?  Cross them out, then you’re left with a 2 on top, and a 4 on the bottom, making \tfrac{2}{4}.  Since \tfrac{2}{4} is equal to \tfrac{1}{2}, we now have  \tfrac{1}{2}\tfrac{1}{2} × 1.  We don’t really need the ×1, so we remove it and get(drumroll please):  \tfrac{1}{2}\tfrac{1}{2}, which is quite an obvious sentence, provided you know what ‘=’ means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another WTPI:

Do it with pictures!  Since it’s a bit difficult to draw pictures on a computer*, you might want to watch this video:

*The fractions were hard enough!  I had to search Wikipedia for ‘Fractions’ and scroll down ALL that text in search of \tfrac{2}{3},  \tfrac{3}{4} ,  \tfrac{1}{2}, and \tfrac{2}{4}, and they might not have even been there!!  (Thank goodness they were there!!)

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