Joke #2: How Many Pancha Pandavas?

The old joke was not that good.  So here is a new one. (Note that the old one was original, while this new one is not.  Except the end bit, which our source (Nanna) made up.  But that is still not fully original.)                                                                                                                  The joke is a conversation between a teacher and a student:
Teacher: How many Pancha* Pandavas were there (not counting Karna)?
Student: (thinks) Hmm… I think I will try to answer this cleverly.
Student: Like the legs of a cot, they are 3 in number. (Holds up 2  fingers, writes a 1 on the blackboard)

Teacher: And your marks are 0! (writes a 0** on the blackboard)

*Pancha means 5    **She could even write – 1!

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