How to make a great birthday card: [or any card! (but mostly b’day)]

Note: this post is strictly descriptive.  Feel free to: modify any step, more than one step, cut out a step or 2, add a step or 2 or do anything else to the steps*.  If you think of any more ideas for card-making, tell us!
* The kind of steps you use for card-making. NOT the kind you climb up or down!

Hi.  Khiyali again.  After I made a birthday card for my friend Selah, her mom, Miss Lindsay, asked me to write this post.  So here’s the post!

The Post:

So here’s how I did it:  I got a piece of slightly stiff paper.  (It works better for cards – not as flimsy.) Then I folded in in half (widthwise) and made two cuts, starting from the fold and going inwards about halfway or less across the folded card.  Then I folded the cut part the other way to make a sort of pop-up.  I cut out a paper ‘6’ from a different colored piece of paper, and stuck it on the pop-up bit. Then I wrote a ‘th’ after the 6 and put SELAH, HAPPY on top, and BIRTHDAY on the bottom along with a  sort of cloud-full of !-es so it read SELAH, HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! in a bunch of different colors.  Now maybe you’re thinking, ‘this sounds like an ordinary card.’  But here’s  another thing I did.  I made six flaps and stuck them on the card.  In them, I wrote stuff like ‘7 – 1 = 6’ or ‘3 x 2 = 6’ and other sums that make 6.  Amma even came up with a REALLY long division problem that made 6.  I also put ‘The first perfect number = 6’.  I think the second one is 28 or something.  She’ll have to wait a long time to get that old!  On the back I wrote some stuff to make it look like a store-bought card such as putting in a barcode and putting ® after stuff. Sadly I forgot about © and ™.  I also put with the NOT part looking like someone wrote it afterwards, kind of messily. And that’s it!  No WAIT!!! I forgot something! Usually, on the front, I put ‘this is a very boring card, but open it anyway.’, so when you open it, you get all SURPRISED!!! (but I don’t think it works that well.) But once I drew a stamp inside that said ‘CERTIFIED NOT BORING’, so that adds some fun. Well, I guess that’s it!

Acknowledgement: My friend Aiden for the ideas on the back of the card. (The card he made for my B’day was REALLY fun!! Probably because the slogan of the company was ‘Add FUN to your party’.)                                                                                                                                            
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2 Responses to How to make a great birthday card: [or any card! (but mostly b’day)]

  1. Ravi says:

    Now I am waiting for my birthday to come!

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