Khiyali here.  Well, it looks like this is a movie review, so let’s get on with it.  Kahaani is a hindi movie, but I think you can get subtitles.  It’s got some violence, but not too much.  It’s a mystery, so you can try to solve it.  I saw some suspicious bits, but I couldn’t solve it.  And I’ve read a lot, and I mean a LOT, of mystery books, so I should be pretty good at it by now, right? The ending is SO UNpredictable!                                                          Highlight the invisible text between the ‘|’s below for a Huge Hint:

|The person whom you will probably trust CANNOT BE TRUSTED BY MILAN DAMJII.|      

Good luck solving the mystery!!!

EDIT: It looks like I didn’t really put in much of the story when I posted this last year.  So now I’m going to tell you the story.  (Not the whole story, of course.  That would be a HUGE spoiler!!!!)

The kahaani* of Kahaani:

So this pregnant woman from London (Character Vidya Bagchi, actress Vidya Balan) gets off of an airplane in Calcutta, India.
Why is she there?  To look for her husband.  Why does he need looking for?  HE IS MISSING.  Why is he missing? JUST READ THE EXERPT, OKAY??!!!

Excerpt from Kahaani (translated) – Police station:

Vidya: My husband is missing.
Police Inspector: Are you foreign?
V: Yes, from london.


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8 Responses to Kahaani

  1. Usha says:

    I agree with Khiyali and her review. Of course, you don’t need to try and solve the mystery; you can just enjoy it.

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  3. Parinita says:

    Hi Khiyali-
    It was fun reading through your movie review.
    I first wasn’t able to figure out how to figure out the hint. But then, i tried highlighting it now, and i got it! That was a nice hint. And, how did you do the invisible text(until you highlight it)?

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Parinita Jaju says:

    Oh okay.

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