Vanabrangipadu Gram Sabha report

Have you ever been to a gram sabha?

Do you even know what a gram sabha is?

Well, I went to one in February. Continue reading

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Top 8 Reasons to have a doctor for a SIL

So my SIL sent me a list of reasons to marry a female physician.   Such as, she will be of high intelligence, low-maintenance, and know the wisdom of the Middle Path, having Seen It All from birth to death and beyond. Continue reading

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Rabindranath Tagore “Last Rites”

So we actually pulled it off … after three weeks of practice, getting serious in the final week, we put on a show of Rabindranath Tagore’s short skit called “Last Rites.”  The occasion was the second Annual Day in Banganga Co-operative Society, 24 January 2015.

Some scenes … followed by the video.

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 920 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 15 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Himalayan Wolf

Khiyali and Miss Nicki

Me and the art teacher, Miss Nicki.

Okay, this post is very very very late, but anyway, in October I posted my painting of spotted owlets, which I copied from a photo at Exploration Art school.  I also wrote the way I made them.  Anyway, I said I would do a post on the other painting I made, a wolf.  So now I am doing the said post.


  1. I put the picture upside down next to the canvas…
  2. Then used a pencil to draw the outline of the wolf, and also outline any dark parts like ears, nose, etc.  I used the pencil to sort of measure the lines and angles.
    Also, I didn’t copy the background, though I did mark which were the darker parts.
  3. Used oil pastels to color in the wolf, and an eraser to blend the colors into each other, and into the canvas.
  4. Did the same for the background.  I put a darker color in the parts that were darker in the picture.

One funny thing is, in the photo the wolf is looking forward.  In my drawing the wolf is looking down a bit.

It looks good both ways though.  :-)


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2014 in Banganga …

We rang in the new year from the rooftop … Sang, danced and made merry for Sankranti …  Celebrated Republic Day and Annual Day with our neighbours.

Holi .. of course! with earth, water and fire

Holi in Banganga!

Holi in Banganga!

We started preparing for 2015 Sankranti early …

And said goodbye to the friends on whose rooftop we had started the year 2014!

Prepare for lift off … farewell to Suchet and Prachet and all the best for the new year!

Prepare for lift off … farewell to Suchet and Prachet and all the best for the new year!


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Throwing off poetry

There is a mystery book by Enid Blyton called The Mystery of the Vanished Prince.  It features the Five Find-Outers and Dog.

In the book, there is a boy called Ern*, who tries to write poetry, or ‘portry’, as he calls it.  He reads the other children his new poem (or, as he says, ‘pome’):

A pore old gardener said, “Ah me!
My days is almost done,
I’ve got rheumatics…”

And he says that he got stuck there, and that it had taken him two hours and twenty-one minute to get that far.

Then Fatty (a Find-Outer, real name Frederick) says, ‘Yes, I can tell it would be a good pome….  It goes like this, Ern.’

And then Fatty just spouts out a whole poem:

A pore old gardener said, “Ah me!
My days is almost done,
I’ve got rheumatics in my knee,
And now it’s hard to run.
I’ve got a measle in my foot,
And chilblains on my nose,
And bless me if I haven’t got
Pneumonia in my toes.
All my hair has fallen out,
My teeth have fallen in,
I’m really getting rather stout,
Although I’m much too thin.
My nose is deaf, my ears are dumb,
My tongue is tied in knots,
And now my barrow and my spade
Have all come out in spots.
My watering can is…”

Here he gets cut off by the others laughing.  He says he was just coming to where the watering can was feeling washed out, and the spade was feeling on edge!  He says Ern works too hard on his poems, and that you should just throw them off.

So I tried it.  I ended up with something like this:


The Cat sat on the Mat.
The Mat covered a Rat.
The Rat saw the Cat.
The Cat saw the Rat.
So the Rat was chased by the Cat.
The Rat saw a Bat.
So the Bat helped the Rat.
The Bat picked up the Mat,
And dropped it on the Cat.
The Cat clawed at the Mat.
So ran away the Rat.
The Cat then chased the Bat.
The Bat did ask the Cat,
“What would you have done, Cat,
If you’d caught the Rat?”
So said the Cat,
“I would have eaten that Rat.”
So said the Bat,
“Then what would you chase? The Mat?”

(Then the Cat decided to just hit the Rat, if it caught it.)

*(Not a Find-Outer.)

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