Throwing off poetry

There is a mystery book by Enid Blyton called The Mystery of the Vanished Prince.  It features the Five Find-Outers and Dog.

In the book, there is a boy called Ern*, who tries to write poetry, or ‘portry’, as he calls it.  He reads the other children his new poem (or, as he says, ‘pome’):

A pore old gardener said, “Ah me!
My days is almost done,
I’ve got rheumatics…”

And he says that he got stuck there, and that it had taken him two hours and twenty-one minute to get that far.

Then Fatty (a Find-Outer, real name Frederick) says, ‘Yes, I can tell it would be a good pome….  It goes like this, Ern.’

And then Fatty just spouts out a whole poem:

A pore old gardener said, “Ah me!
My days is almost done,
I’ve got rheumatics in my knee,
And now it’s hard to run.
I’ve got a measle in my foot,
And chilblains on my nose,
And bless me if I haven’t got
Pneumonia in my toes.
All my hair has fallen out,
My teeth have fallen in,
I’m really getting rather stout,
Although I’m much too thin.
My nose is deaf, my ears are dumb,
My tongue is tied in knots,
And now my barrow and my spade
Have all come out in spots.
My watering can is…”

Here he gets cut off by the others laughing.  He says he was just coming to where the watering can was feeling washed out, and the spade was feeling on edge!  He says Ern works too hard on his poems, and that you should just throw them off.

So I tried it.  I ended up with something like this:


The Cat sat on the Mat.
The Mat covered a Rat.
The Rat saw the Cat.
The Cat saw the Rat.
So the Rat was chased by the Cat.
The Rat saw a Bat.
So the Bat helped the Rat.
The Bat picked up the Mat,
And dropped it on the Cat.
The Cat clawed at the Mat.
So ran away the Rat.
The Cat then chased the Bat.
The Bat did ask the Cat,
“What would you have done, Cat,
If you’d caught the Rat?”
So said the Cat,
“I would have eaten that Rat.”
So said the Bat,
“Then what would you chase? The Mat?”

(Then the Cat decided to just hit the Rat, if it caught it.)

*(Not a Find-Outer.)

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Spotted Owlets…

Spotted Owlets painted by Khiyali from a photograph by Lalit Deshmukh.

Spotted Owlets painted by Khiyali from a photograph by Lalit Deshmukh.

Hello!  This is Khiyali speaking typing.

So, on India Homeschoolers, we are supposed to post something every Monday.  So, since today is Monday, I am going to write about the painting I did in art class, and post the link on India Homeschoolers.

On to the post.

The painting I made was of 4 Spotted Owlets.  There is a photo of it above.

The way I made it: I copied it from a photo.  The way I did that:

  1. Took a sheet of stiff plastic, put it on top of the photo, and traced the outlines of the owls, the eyes, etc. with a Sharpie marker.
  2. Went over the lines with black bubble paint.  Bubble paint is paint that comes out of this little bottle, so you can draw raised lines with it.
  3. Painted it.  We weren’t supposed to use strokes, because they would show up.  Instead we ‘pounced’ with the brush, meaning we made dots.
  4. Then the art teacher, Miss Nicki, trimmed the edges a bit, flipped it over, and put a matte on it, which is that black frame-like thing in the picture.

Here is a picture of Miss Nicki and me, holding my 2 artworks from the classes.  Thank you Miss Nicki!

Khiyali and Miss Nicki

The painting on the right is the owls.  The one on the left, which was also copied from a photo, though in a different way, is a wolf.  That I will write about next week.



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Pedal Power Generator idea

NOTE: I do not know if this would be practical, or possible.  Or practically possible.

Suppose there’s a good movie or TV show coming on.  You could pedal on a pedal-power-genarator, and connect it to a TV.  Watch the show along with some other people.  The reason to try to see it with other people is because that way you can take turns pedaling.  Switch during the ads or something.  That way, when you stop pedaling and the TV turns off, you won’t miss the story.

~ Khiyali

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Slipping and Sliding

When I was in college there were flyers posted on the walls of Gilman Hall saying something like:


discovered gravity


invented calculus.

Let’s face it …. do we need Newton?

It was an invitation to play Ultimate Frisbee.    To defy gravity and thus Newton.

Today in the library I saw the kinds turning this upside down, having maybe a little too much fun with Newton.   Here they are experiencing a low-friction environment:

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Unknown music DANCE!

I haven’t posted anything for a long time!

So this post is about a game I thought of.  The way I thought of it was something like this:  I felt like dancing.  Amma sang something.  But it was a rhythm, not a song.  She changed it a bit once and so I had to change the dance.  She kept on making little changes, like speeding up and slowing down.  I changed the dance a bit when that happened.  Then I thought of the game.
Several versions are given below.

  1. Someone plays or sings a song.  You have to dance to it.  You do not know what the song is beforehand.  They can make it up as they sing if they want.  If you don’t know the song, so much the harder to dance to it!
  2. Same, but with a costume that you also don’t know what it is beforehand.  The costume could go with the song, like a ballet dress with a ballet song, or it could clash with the song, like a ball gown with a rap song.
  3. Same as 1. or 2., but you have to do it on stage.  For more pressure, make sure to invite relatives/parents/people whom you admire/people whom you’re afraid of/president/king/queen.

Happy dancing!  I think I would like to do version 2 best.  How about you?

- Khiyali

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Why did the woman crash a baby’s stroller into the tree?

The woman crashed the stroller with the baby into a tree because it was a holiday.

Weird?  Not with an explanation….  Here we go…!

  • The woman crashed the baby in the stroller because –
  • She wasn’t paying attention because –
  • She was on the phone with her friend because –
  • Her friend was stuck in traffic and wanted her to pick him up.  There was a lot of traffic because –
  • There was a circus in town because –

You see?  Moral of the story — No holidays.  But that won’t be very nice….  Wait!  We can break any of the links in the chain… how about No circuses?  Nope, that won’t be any good either… no getting stuck in traffic?  That won’t work… Don’t not pay attention?  That works.  Whew!

This amazing story was created using Chain.  That’s a game where you start with a problem.  The next person says why it happened.  The next person says why that happened.  Only one thing to look out for — some things can’t really be explained very well.  Like, ‘because she wanted to’ won’t work, because why did she want to?  I suppose it can sort of be explained, but not so easily.



Thank you, Satya and Shreeya, for teaching me this game.  It’s awesome.

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We went and watched people run in the 10K race, Bolder Boulder, which happens every year in Boulder, Colorado. Our friend Adrita came too, and we stood behind the barrier and held our hand out to high-five everyone who ran near us.  Some people didn’t high-five us, and some did it very  softly, but we also got a few really really hard ones. Some people were wearing crazy costumes to run. I saw about 10 Statues of Liberty, a few Uncle Sams, an Auntie Sam ;), and even a bear or something (it was someone dressed as a mascot)!  There were a lot of tutu-wearers, and a pair of bees, and some butterflies!  But also… Babies in backpacks!!!  I saw 7 of them, I think, and one of them wasn’t actually in the backpack, but it still counts. And now for some pictures.


Here comes the AID runner!  Well, one of them.

Here comes the AID runner! Well, one of them.

Here are 2 more runners!

Here are 2 more runners!

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