A song…

Hi!  I’m doing Junior Rangers’ day camp!

Today was the second day out of 3, and though it was REALLY cold and wet (my hands get cold really fast), it was also fun.   One of the reasons it was fun was because I learned a new song…

I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerves,
Everybody’s nerves,
Everybody’s nerves.
I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerves and this is how it goes;
Bum Bum Bum
I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerves,
Everybody’s nerves,
Everybody’s nerves.
I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerves and this is how it goes;
Bum Bum Bum –
I know a song…

And of course it keeps repeating forever! Or until you stop singing.
The funny thing is, it doesn’t get on my nerves at all!

You can sing it in different ways, too, like one person can sing it r e a l l y  s l o w l y and the other people can sing “Oooh oooooh ooohh” in the background.

Or, say you have 3 people, A, B and C.  A will sing until “Bum Bum Bum”.  There, everyone will sing.  Then B will sing, then everyone will sing “Bum Bum Bum”, then C will sing, back to A, and so on.  If you want, between C and A, everybody can sing for one round.

I was getting a ride home with two of my friends and we kept singing this in all different ways (including the above).  I think we did get on their moms’ nerves, so, sorry about that!

But it’s fun to sing. At first I could barely even sing from laughing.

NOTE: Try to get other people to sing it with you (day camp is a good place).  It’s more fun that way.

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Dhappa Hide-and-Seek

So, here we are making another game post.  Well, this one is about hide-and-seek — Dhappa version.

Version for people who don’t like to be the denner:

One person is the denner (It).  At the count of 10 (backwards), the denner will close their eyes and count to 30, just like normal hide-and-seek.  Everyone will hide, and the denner has to look for them.  Just like normal hide-and-seek.  If the denner sees someone hiding,  they will point to that person and say “Stop, [name]“. You can switch hiding places if you like, just be careful or the denner will notice!  They don’t have to chase or touch the person to Stop them.  BUT — If the denner says “Out, [name]“, or “I found you” or something, or if they say the wrong name, anyone can say “Atli Fatli Futli” and the same person has to be the denner again.  Also, there is Dhappa.  You can sneak up behind the denner and do Dhappa on their back.  That means you tap (don’t hit or they might get mad) them on their back* and say “Dhappa!” Then they have to be the denner again.  If no-one does Dhappa, the first person to be Stopped is the denner for the next round.

*If your friend has a bee sting on their back from one of the giant bees that recently stung two girls’ backs, you might want to make a special rule for them like Do Dhappa On Their Shoulder Instead Of Their Back or something.

NEW!  Version for people who like being the denner:

The same thing as before, but the last person to be Stopped is the denner for the next round.

And the person who does Dhappa is the next denner.

And as for Atli Fatli Futli… no other rules for that that I know of.  If any of the Banganga Kids know please tell me.

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Sackly — The Chain Game

Warning!  Be careful while playing!  Don’t go TOO fast.  And play on the grass, you could fall down.

Sakli, Sackly, Sakly.  How do you spell it?

Well, anyway, here’s how you play Sackly:

One person is the denner (same thing as ‘It’).  The denner counts to ten and then starts running, trying to catch people.  BUT — when the denner catches someone, he or she and the caught person have to hold hands and run together!  When they catch another person, that person also has to join the Sackly!  Sackly (at least in the game) means chain!  And eventually the chain will grow to be quite a huge one!

If the Sackly breaks, no one can be caught until the Sackly rejoins itself.  So the uncaught people are advised to run in different directions, to try and break the Sackly.

Tips for the Sackly:

  • Keep your focus on one person at a time.  That way, you are less likely to run in opposite directions and break the chain.
  • Arrange yourselves wisely!  e.g. fastest on one side and slowest on the other, fastest on the ends and slowest in the middle, etc.
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Holi Fun in the Sun

Last year and the year before we had partly wet but mostly dry holi.  Not completely dry, but we took one bucket of water per family and used it till it was done.  We still slapped colors on everyone – dry colors, made from beet, potato, turmeric and the like.  And it was relatively easy to save water because in the past two years it was actually too cold to get soaking wet.

holi splash 1b oval copy
This year we started off the same way, each carrying one bucket of water and our pichkaris to the playground, along with our packets of vegetable based colors.

But maybe because, unlike the past two years, this time it was blazing hot, some of the kids, by which I mean adults, could not resist turning on the hose.   I appealed for restraint but was was met with “it’s only once a year ….”

holi splash oval3

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

At least we put the mud to good use!

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I declare my war against…

Don’t worry, it’s just a game!

And today I will teach it to you.

This is an outdoor game, to play on any place on which you can draw with chalk.  It’s for 5-10 people, though you could play with 4 or >10 people.  It’s usually more fun with more people.

So first you draw the ‘board’ on  the ground with chalk or brick or something.  If seven people are playing, it should look something like this:

Each square should be big enough to stand in.  It should also be big enough so that you can stand in 1/4 of it, with one foot.

Each square should be big enough to stand in. It should also be big enough so that you can stand in 1/4 of it, using one foot.  Click for bigger image.

Each person picks a country (all countries should be different), and writes the country’s name in 2-4 letters (e.g. MAD for Madagascar, UK for United Kingdom, etc.) in the corner of a square.  Then they stand in their square.

The person who starts the game will say “I declare my war against…” and then the name of a country in the game.  Suppose I am Scotland, and the starting person says, “I declare my war against… Scotland!”  then everyone has to run away as fast as possible, except me.  I will count to 10 as fast as I can, and then say, “STOP!” – It will probably sound like this:
“OneoothreefourfivesixseveneightninetenSTOP!”  At “Stop”, everyone has to stop running. (well, what else?)  Then I have to, from my square, reach any of them within 7 steps.  Running steps are fine.  Once I take 3 steps, I cannot go back and try to reach someone else instead.  If I reach the person in 7 steps, then I win, if not, the person I was aiming for wins.  Here is the important bit: The winner gets 1/2 of the property of the other person.  If the other person has more than one bit of land, I get 1/2 of the biggest part.  If the person has only a 1/4 piece of land, I just take the whole 1/4 piece!


  • I win.  The person who lost has 1 full square, and a half square (that they won from someone else).  I take 1/2 of the full square.
  • I win.  The other person has only 1/4 of a full square.  I don’t take half this time. I rub out their country’s name, and put my own instead.
  • You win against me.  I have only 2 half-pieces of land.  You can choose which piece you want 1/2 of.  Either way, you’ll get a 1/4th piece of land.

NOTE:  If you have more than 1 piece of land, you can stand on either one, though you can’t stand on other peoples’ land, in this version of the game.  Having land all over the board comes in handy sometimes.

NOTE 2:  You can declare war on yourself.  If you do, you get to count to ten.

Just for fun, here’s the same board from before, except some kids have come and played I Declare on it.

See how Russia has land at both ends of the board?  Good for you, Russia!

See how Russia has land at both ends of the board? Good for you, Russia!

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Announcing… IHC 2014!!!!!!!!

Ta-da!  This year's poster!

Ta-da! This year’s poster!

Click on the poster for more info.  I’ll put some more links at the bottom of the page, but for now…

Do you want to see the SECRET poster?


Okay, then go to this page.  But shh… Don’t tell anyone I showed you!


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Nannamma has ESP – Proof number three!!!

See Ice Golas and ESP and Birthdays and ESP!  Or, Nannamma has ESP- Again! as well, if you want.  And no, this italic message wasn’t written automatically by WordPress.  This is Khiyali writing.

Today was Republic Day, and before we left for the flag hoisting, Nannamma said that it would be nice if it rained heavily, after the flag hoisting, so that we could check if all the leaks in the walls were filled up properly.  Well, no, it didn’t rain heavily, at least not so far, but when the other kids and I were playing outside…


Just a very tiny bit though, but still…


Ha!  If I find any more proofs I’ll have to make a separate category for them.  Right now they are just tagged – ESP.  Look out for the category!  Arrrgggggg!!!!! CATEGORY RAMPAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Help I’ve gone crazy… urrgggg… X-(

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